My Beliefs


  • I’m a Conservative, Christian, Republican.
  • I am Pro-Life, I believe the babies should have a choice as to whether or not they have a life. We should be protecting the most innocent among us.
  • I am for smaller government.
  • I am for less regulation.
  • I am for protecting our Freedoms.
  • I am for protecting the First Amendment.
  • I am for protecting the Second Amendment.
  • I am for protecting Freedom OF Religion, NOT freedom FROM religion.
  • I am for lower taxes. We should choose how our money is spent, not the Government. There has not been a successful government program yet..
  • I am for deregulating Insurance Companies so they can compete for our healthcare dollars across state lines.
  • I am for State’s Rights. The Federal bureaucracy should stay out of the State’s business.
  • I am for eliminating waste in our school systems so more of our money goes to Teachers and the Classrooms, not unneeded administrators and Bureaucrats.

And please let the people know that normally the Democrats run unopposed in LD30 and vote the party line no matter what is best for our district. I will represent the people of our district and vote for what is best for us. I am not a politician, just a regular guy like everybody in our hard-working district.

Thank you.

Mr. Gary Spears
Candidate for State House, LD30
602-550-6361 Cell